‘Ol Blue Eyes

Our high-tech world is affecting our eyes in a massive way, and the current shelter-in-place isn't helping.

Article by Nestorius Owner-DeKelaita|May 9, 2020

Our high-tech world is affecting our eyes in a massive way, and the current shelter-in-place isn’t helping.

More than half of children and over seventy-percent of adults experience symptoms of digital eye strain. These numbers are likely climbing due to the global pandemic where distance learning and working-from-home have us depending on our digital devices more than ever before. So what’s the big deal? Well, after prolonged exposure to screens and other digital devices, all which sit close to the eye, the eye’s auto-focus system (known as “accommodation”) becomes stiff and locked in place. Distant objects will now appear blurry, and the eyes will feel strained when refocusing on distant objects. This excessive strain on the eyes will manifest itself in various forms, such as:

  • HEADACHES – especially common in the temple or upper neck area.
  • DRY, ITCHY EYES – while staring we blink less, and this dries out our eyes and causes them to itch.
  • FATIGUE AND MALAISE – poor vision causes squinting and bad posture, tiring the muscles around the eyes and face, straining the body and reducing natural energy levels.

To make matters worse, these digital devices emit artificial blue light, which our eyes have not yet evolved to filter. Artificial blue light is a more powerful suppressor of melatonin than any drug known to man. When we are exposed to blue light in the evening hours and especially before bedtime, it is extremely disruptive to our sleep patterns. Exposure to blue light at night wreaks havoc on our circadian rhythms, because there are special light-sensing cells in the back of our eye that control our sleep-wake cycle and these cells are especially sensitive to blue light in the 459 – 485nm range.

The good news? Your local optician can offer state of the art protection against digital eye strain and blue light exposure with products such as ZEISS Blue Protect. ZEISS Blue Protect has been thoroughly researched to block the harmful effects of blue light in children and adults. It’s ideal for:

  • Students (reading and writing on screens)
  • PC/console gaming
  • General indoor protection and comfort
  • Working around bright fluorescent or LED lights
  • Watching widescreen HD television/movies

If you can, be sure to turn off blue light sources at least three hours before going to bed, or wear a blue-filtering lens. Our understanding of blue light’s impact is growing every year. We’re sure to learn even more, but there’s no better time than right now to protect something as valuable as your vision.

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