Lion’s Gate Portal 2023

The origins of this celestial event and how to tap into its very potent energy.

Article by LeeAnna Gregorio|August 7, 2023

Astrology’s roots originate from the early Mesopotamia era and Ancient Egypt. In Ancient Egypt, the star Sirius would have an aligning position to earth that was said to signify the flooding of the Nile River. This flood would come, promising abundance for agriculture. Some say this was the beginning of the Egyptian New Year. The legacy of the story has carried down through many societies and cultures to come to mean what it represents today as The Lion’s Gate Portal.

There is so much hype around August 8th every year. The sun in Leo magnifies the potency of the alignment of the star Sirius, Earth, and the Orion Constellation. Today we use the energy of these celestial forces to manifest and call in more for our life experience. The alignment orbit begins on July 26th, peaks on August 8th and then closes on August 12th. August 8th in the Gregorian calendar gives more depth to this day, as the date is 8/8. The number 8 in numerology is infinite, blending heaven and earth. It is said to be a day that we step into our infinite power. The peak of potential is deep. This year, the Lion’s Gate Portal comes, bringing some additional offerings from the cosmos. Bare with me as we take a little side quest into the surrounding forces…

On August 8th, the moon will be in Taurus as a Last Quarter Moon. In this phase of the Lunar Cycle, it is time to take closing action on what you may have called in on the last New Moon. The last New Moon was July 17th in Cancer. This pairing with the Lion’s Gate Portal is a call to action; it is a time for attention to your pursuits.

On August 9th, Uranus Retrograde in Taurus makes a hard Square aspect to Venus Retrograde in Leo. This is personal. August 9th will be revealing what is shifting for you. With Uranus in the mix, it is sure to be surprising. When making your manifestations for the Lion’s Gate, be intentional. You may ask for something, and it may show up in an unexpected way. Be open to a different path appearing to take you to your callings and vocations.

On August 13th, Venus Retrograde in Leo will have a Cazimi, or perfect alignment to the Sun. This is the halfway point in the Venus Retrograde. This falls on the day after the Lion’s Gate Portal closes it’s orbit. This Sun soaked Venus Retrograde Cazimi will be the peak point of this journey that will fully expose your inner desires. We don’t usually have this level of potent energy surrounding the Lion’s Gate. In fact, shortly after this Cazimi, there will be more time to manifest leading up to the Leo New Moon on August 16th.

This is all adding to the strength of this powerful time. What is at the far edges of what you have been allowed to find pleasure in? How free do you really want to be? Are you sure? In what ways do you hold yourself back from your optimal life experiences? In this Lion’s Gate Portal, everyone is going to be pulling from their own inner power. Lean into all the ways you respond to different situations to find your authentic desires. Does this experience bring me pleasure? What creates pleasure here? Does this produce frustration? What is the edge of that frustration? Understanding these boundaries will create your true manifestation work. Find the joy and pleasure and call more of that in.  The first half of August is strong. Take advantage of this energy, because the second half of August will have a different story.

Here are a few tools for you to work with:

1. Write this prompt down in your journal and fill in the blank. Write it down as many times as you feel called to manifest all the things you desire. I use the notes app on my phone and read over it a few times.“I’m so thankful and I feel blessed now that I have _____.”

2. Don’t know what to call in? I got you besties! Here is a list of affirmations you can screenshot and read out loud to call in good fortune:

I am supported in all that I am.
I attract incredible abundance with limitless gratitude.
I am expansive and limitless.
I magnetize what I desire because it is already mine.
My deepest desires also desire me.
I have all the tools I need to be abundant and joyful.
I attract people into my life who make me feel loved and supported.
I am a magnet for indescribable wealth and good fortune.

3. The last one I will leave you with is what I call the Delightful Experience. As you move through the next few weeks, notice when you experience something that brings you joy. Claim it by saying, “delight!”. Some examples:

A cute butterfly flies in front of you, “delight!”
You have some time to do something that fills your cup, “delight!”
You hear someone laugh, “delight!”

If it makes you smile, it is De Light coming in to show you where your joys are. Let De Light come in!

For more information on LeeAnna Gregorio, Sound Healer, Certified Massage Therapist, and Astrologer, please visit her website at: and her Instagram: @cosmic_lee_intune

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