5 Exercises to Strengthen Your Glutes

We asked Sonoma-based fitness trainer, Jazmin Chavez, for her top five, easy-to-do-from-anywhere glute-building exercises.

Article by Verdure Magazine Team|March 8, 2023

Strong, firm glutes are far more than just a fad; they are essential in the stabilization of the the upper body and pelvis, help us maintain functional movement as we age, and help reduce pain and injuries. We tapped Sonoma-based fitness queen, Jazmin Chavez, for her top five glute-strengthening exercises and here’s what she recommends:

1. // Glute Bridges: You can be laying down on the floor, or if you prefer, you can prop your legs up on a chair or couch. Make sure the pelvis is tucked in and the knees are separated with the heels underneath the knees. Push off with heels and squeeze the glutes at the top and release as you’re coming down.

2. // Squats: Your legs are hip width apart, your core is tight, and your weight is in your heels and not your toes. Your knees are turned out slightly. Extend the arms out as you lower down into your squat.

3.// Iso Squat Hold with a Pulse: Your legs are hip width apart, your knees are separated, your core is tight, and your weight is in the heels and not the toes. Hold the squat without coming up to standing and add a pulse.

4. // Reverse Lunges: Stepping back and alternating legs, make sure you’re pushing off with the heels and getting a full extension of the glutes. Be sure sure your core is tight and the knee is 90 degrees as you step back.

5. // Kneeling Right-Left Leg Circles: Start off with kneeling on all fours. Beginning with the right leg and keeping that knee bent at 90 degrees, bring that knee up to ear-height and make circles with the knee one way and then the other way. Then switch legs, same thing. Make sure your core is tight and the foot is flexed.

All exercises can be done 30 seconds of work and 15 second of rest. Repeat at least 4 times.

Jazmin Chavez is a Sonoma-based fitness trainer and instructor. To learn more about Jazmin, visit her Instagram at @avocadojaz

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