Fall in
Love With Movement

We are made to move.

Movement is celebration. Movement is life. Movement is medicine. Fall in love with movement and (re)discover just how good you’re designed to feel in your body. Verdure Studio’s yoga-infused approach to movement is gentle yet challenging, and provides a sustainable solution to your long-term fitness goals.

Yoga and Fitness Classes

As of November 2023, Divina is teaching just one public class per week. You can find her at Sonoma Fit on Wednesday evenings, and of course, she is always available for private or small-group sessions.


“Yoga Flow” at Sonoma Fit | every Wednesday at 5:30PM

Personal Sessions

Verdure Studio’s Personal Sessions are a unique blend of yoga and personal training. In each 60-minute private session, we will increase flexibility and range of motion, build strength and tone muscles, improve circulation and support your lymphatic system, boosting immune function, and perhaps most importantly, create space in the body to allow prana, or life-force energy, to flow freely throughout.

Divina is passionate about working with those seeking deeper, more thorough holistic lifestyle guidance, too, customizing an accessible plan-of-action to help you implement healthy, sustainable habits into your daily life that will leave you feeling and looking your best.

"I have had the pleasure of taking many of Divina’s yoga classes in the comfort of my home gym surrounded by other women who have a passion for fitness. Divina is an incredible instructor. Her passion for yoga and overall physical wellness is what I love most about her! She is an inspiration to us all!"

Cat L.

"When it comes to yoga, I am a fish out of water but Divina‘s natural teaching abilities make it easy to follow along. Not only does she go through the motions with you but she always offers up modifications, which for beginners like me is wonderful. The mix of traditional and power yoga make for a great whole body workout that will definitely leave you a little sore the next day!"

Ali O.
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